Dyotics Brow Henna Kit

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Everything you need for beautiful henna brows in one set.

The Dyotics Brow Henna starter kit contains 5 beautiful shades, from blonde to black. So you can provide every type of woman with the most beautiful brows.

Plus: Cleansing Lotion, Tint Remover and an angled brush.

Everything you need for perfect henna brows, with this Dyotics Brow Henna starter kit. A cleansing lotion to start the treatment and five different shades of brow henna. Plus Tint Remover and two angled brushes in a metal case.




Dyotics Brow Henna colors, from light to dark:

  • Honey: a honey-blonde flavor for beautiful eyebrows on the light skin
  • Taupe: to provide blonde to dark-blond eyebrows with a beautiful color
  • Natural Brown: natural-looking eyebrows on the light to slightly tinted skin
  • Ash Brown: a beautiful brownish shade for brows on the tinted to dark skin
  • Raven: our darkest version, perfect for the dark skin
  • Skin Prep Lotion: to get the eyebrows as clean as possible before a treatment
  • Tint Remover: to easily correct any mistakes
  • Angled brushe: qualitative brushes to apply the henna properly
  • ngled Brush With Spoolie: Perfect for applying pomade and powder. But also the ideal brush for brow henna and regular eyebrow dye.
  • Roop Charcoal Mapping Thread: Charcoal Mapping Thread from Dyotics, based on charcoal. The thread is pre colored, so you can easily stamp straight lines.



No fixing lotions needed. You only have to mix the henna with water
✰ The henna paste does not harden and is therefore easy to remove from the skin with a damp cotton pad
✰ Dyotics’ henna shades of colors do not turn red
✰ The henna has a longer shelf life because it is packaged in an air- and light-tight bag
✰ Dyotics tint remover can also be used in combination with regular dye
✰ Ideal for the dark skin tones thanks to the henna tint Raven


Soon in our e-shop you will be able to find online training courses for Henna Brows.

It’s important to know that these products are meant for professional use only.